Radiation Clinic

PD Dr. Georg Stüben  
Chief physician   PD Dr. Georg Stüben
Executive senior physician  Dr. Andrea Barbara Müller
Phone   +49 (0) 821-400-2080
Fax     +49 (0) 821-400-3311 (chief secretariat of clinic)
E-mail     stueben@klinikum-augsburg.de

1. Medical service portfolio

Total spectrum of radiotherapy of malignant diseases and selective indications with irradiation planning and simulation


2. Specific main focuses of medical care

  • Radiotherapy from the outside (percutaneous)
  • Radiotherapy from the inside by insertion of a radiation source (afterloading)
  • Combination radiotherapy with chemotherapy (radiochemotherapy)
  • Full-body irradiation (GKB)
  • Care of radiotherapy outpatients and inpatients
  • Healing (curative) respectively alleviating (palliative) approach in the course of multi-step therapy concepts with maximum preservation of adjacent intact organs and tissues

  3. Further services offered

  • General consultation hours and private outpatients’ treatment
  • Conciliar services
  • Patients’ information material: folders, brochures on clinical pictures
  • Participation in all oncologic, interdisciplinary advanced trainings and events, e.g. tumor conference by the Tumor Center
  • Full authorization to postgraduate professional education
  • Accommodation for escorts