Dear guests from abroad,

Alexander Schmidtke, Vorstand des Klinikums Augsburg

Since 1st January 2000, the Clinics and Institutes of the Klinikum, the Clinic for Children and Juveniles and the "Klinikum Augsburg Sued" (until 31.12.2005 the hospital of Haunstetten) have been managed under the legal form of an independent joint undertaking (KU). The funding agent is the "Krankenhauszweckverband" Augsburg, which is in turn funded by the City of Augsburg and the Rural District of Augsburg. 

As well as the Klinikum, this joint undertaking also runs the Clinic for Children  and Juveniles (total numer 1573 beds) and the Klinikum Augsburg Sued with 168 beds. The Klinikum, together with the Clinic for Children and Juveniles and the Klinikum Augsburg Sued, is a hospital in the highest health care category for the City of Augsburg (population approx. 270,000), the Rural District of Augsburg (pop. approx. 240,000) and for the whole of the Regional Authority of Swabia (pop. approx. 1.8 million).

The Klinikum Augsburg comprises a total of 24 clinics and institutes. The treatment facilities, departments and institutes cover the complete field of all medical specialities.

Yours faithfully,
Alexander Schmidtke


Important Information for International Job Applicants

Clinics and Institutes

Centres of Competence

  • Center for Metabolic und Obesity Surgery
  • Allergological Centre
  • Breast Centre
  • Interdisciplinary Pelvic Floor Centre Augsburg (IBA)
  • Surgical Centre
  • Diabetes Centre
  • Vascular Centre Augsburg
  • Heart Centre Augsburg-Swabia
  • Oncologic Centre
  • Perinatal Centre
  • Colorectoral Surgery Centre
  • Swabian Child Cancer Centre
  • Stroke Centre Augsburg-Swabia
  • Sentinel Lymph Node (SLN) Centre
  • Transplantation Centre
  • Tumour Centre Augsburg
  • Environmental Health Centre

Number of Employes

The Klinikum as a teaching hospital

According to a headcount: 5,325
Physicians 741
Nursing Care 1,438
Function Services 585
Medical Engineering Services 869
Domestic and Supply Services 822
Students 410
Miscellaneous 542
Total Number 5,452

Status: December 2009, Klinikum Augsburg and Klinikum Augsburg Süd

4,228 female employees make the Klinikum Augsburg the biggest employer of female staff for the whole region of Swabia.

Vocational Training for Nurses 300
Vocational Training for Paediatric Nurses 90
Vocational Training for Ancillary Nurses 32
Vocational Training for Physiotherapy 78
Vocational Training for Midwives and Childbirth Nurses 48
Total: 548
Teaching Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilian-University of Munich
Study places with so-called practical training year 63

Length of stay 2009